A cultural proposal born of the will to explore a lesser known Algarve and develop a different kind of tourism.

Through four distinct programs under the motto of the four elements – Fire | Air | Earth | Water – we propose experiences of proximity, enjoyment and learning. Through gastronomy, artistic production and a contextualized recognition of the natural and cultural heritage we wish to provide a different sense of place.

We want to show the diversity and regional specificities through workshops, meetings, tours, conversations and guided tours that unfold throughout the Eastern Algarve: Ria Formosa, Serra do Caldeirão, barrocal. For this we carefully selected our partners, specialists, scientists and artists, restaurants, trails and the secret and inaccessible places…

Come taste, touch, experience, know, practice and create a more authentic Algarve.



On the first day, Hélder Pereira and Francisco Lopes1 will lead an interpretive trail in the Protected Landscape of Rocha da Pena (Loulé) to explore the stories recorded throughout the ages in the landscapes of the Serra and Barrocal. Conversations and knowledge acquired on this day will be the starting point for a land art workshop oriented by artist Tomás Cunha Ferreira at Moinho Branco (Cachopo) during which will be served a traditional picnic. Finally, on the third day at Quinta da Fornalha will take place a gastronomy workshop with chef Pedro Beleza, where the Levant wind will serve as motive to explore Middle Eastern influences in Algarvian cuisine.

Partners: 1GeoWalks&Talks, Quinta da Fornalha

(rescheduled: 8–10.04.2017)

This program begins with a visit to Terracota do Algarve, handmade ceramics manufacturers in S. Brás de Alportel, to become acquainted with technical and aesthetic aspects of the time-honoured regional terracotta production. This will be followed by a pottery-firing workshop with artist Sara Navarro. On the second day, through an interpretative trail guided by Hélder Pereira and Francisco Lopes1 in Vale de Mealhas (S. Brás de Alportel) and Cerro da Cabeça (Moncarapacho), it will be possible to explore existing connections between human activities and Nature. On the third day, at Quinta da Fornalha will take place a gastronomy workshop with chef Pedro Beleza, in which the social meaning of the hearth will be explored.

Partners: Terracota do Algarve, 1GeoWalks&Talks, Quinta da Fornalha



On the first day, a hike through the Serra do Caldeirão, guided by botanist Filomena Fonseca will serve to become aware of the local flora. It will serve as well for collecting samples for the second part of this experience: a Monotype Workshop at OBS, with the artist Alice Artur, to learn to print from nature and create an original herbarium. On the third day, turning to the vegetable garden of Quinta da Fornalha, chef Pedro Beleza will orient a gastronomy workshop, in which plants and herbs will be the main focus.

Partners: Quinta da Fornalha


The first day will be dedicated to the sea, with a recreational fishing program and tour in Ria Formosa, accompanied by marine biologist Paulo Gavaia. After a well deserved lunch in Fuzeta at which will be grilled the captured fish, will follow a visit to the museum of the Arraial Ferreira Neto in Tavira. On the second day will take place a Gyotaku workshop with artist Rachel Ramirez at OBS. This is a traditional Japanese technique of printing fish. On the third day, at Quinta da Fornalha will take place a gastronomy workshop, with chef Pedro Beleza in which fish and seafood shall be the main ingredients.

Partners: Quinta da Fornalha, Cabaz Fresco do Mar, Passeios Ria Formosa



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